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    - Pop with Soul and a barspoon of Funk -

    "Silver Lining sounds like the BeeGees meets Chromeo"

    - Jill Harris, The O'Pears; Dwayne Gretzky

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  • Did you know?


    Silver Lining is made up of multi-instrumentalists. At a Silver Lining show you will see us play any number of instruments. We like to switch instruments and lead singers between songs - and sometimes even during songs!


    Check it out: here's Stephen playing bass, drums and keys

    in a cover of a song by Zedd:


    Clarity - Zedd (feat. Foxes)

    Click here to listen!

    (don't be shy, it's just a youtube link)


    Warm Water - BANKS (Silver Lining edition)

    Stephen and Jon perform a multi-instrumental, one-take original arrangement of a delicious BANKS song.

    Lay Me Down - Sam Smith

    Kate Suhr and Stephen perform a Sam Smith/John Legend cover at the Gallery in the Attic in Peterborough, Ontario.

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  • Silver Lining Alumni

    Some dear friends who have been a part of Silver Lining!

    Katherine Barrell

    Guitar, Alto Sax

    Kate Suhr

    Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, Piano

    Jill Harris

    Vocals, Percussion, Guitar

    Anh Phung

    Flute, Synth, Bass, Vocals

    Dan VanderHelm

    Vocals, Guitar

    Alex Fiddes

    Vocals, Piano, Trumpet, Bass

    Jonathan Tan

    Accordion, Vocals

    Shawn Doughty

    Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals

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